I am so honored and appreciative to be able to read for you and provide insight and clarity to your life and desires! 

Before the reading, I meditate and channel your higher self, your guides and the light beings that are with you, to provide you with assistance and a deeper understanding to the situations and scenarios in your life, your patterns and programs, and more to properly give you guidance as to what to do to embrace your highest and best life. 

Throughout the reading, I will continue to channel messages that they provide, and use Oracle cards as a means to deeper understand the intricate messages they deliver. I am a very positive-oriented being, so I always search for and receive tools and information that will UPLIFT you and bring you closer to your goals. This life is meant to be lived the way we each individually intended for ourselves, and readings are great ways to continue along your path and give you a level of confidence in yourself that is unlike anything you have experienced before!

I am here to remind you that you are gifted, you are loved, and there is so much for you to discover in this life, and on your journey. You are never alone, and you are very supported. My intention for all is to become so aligned with that truth that it catapults them into their wildest dreams. I intend to remind you all that yes, life has it's difficulties, but without them growth, healing, understanding, compassion, and love would not be such a strong desire within us. The peaks always match the valleys.

I have always had a love of Oracle decks, divination systems, and connecting with the Angelic realm among many other light beings for the highest and best of all. I started reading for other people at 13 years old, and have had a strong desire to bring my readings to the public for others to experience. Now, with the assistance of social media, Youtube, and my Angel Course, I am able to do so! Thank you all SO much for your love and support! 

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