Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals!

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

💎Hi everyone!! Today I posted a video on my YouTube Channel, talking all about Crystals, showing you some of my favorites, and teaching you their properties! It's crucial to know how to get the most out of your crystals, because there is a whole process that comes with your beautiful power stone! But, it is a FUN ONE!

💎Crystals seriously make me so happy!! For me personally, every single crystal has lead me to a new sense of understanding in all areas, whether it be myself, my relationship, where I'm headed... (I also energetically allow things to unfold the way they are mean to for my highest and best every single day, so things just flow in my life) and I always feel regenerated. Here is a step by step process on exactly how to make your crystals WORK FOR YOU!!

💎This is super important. The amazing part about finding your crystal, is that it happens naturally. All you have to do is figure out what benefits you are looking for. Are you looking for a crystal that will aid in meditation and connecting you to Source? Try and see if any Amethyst calls out to you. Do you want to reach a deeper level of peace?? Look for some Sodalite or Clear Quartz.

💎There are so many crystals, that provide such incredible benefits. The amount of crystals in this world are limitless when it comes down to it, so don't put too much pressure on yourself to decide on just one! Let it call out to you! Others will start showing up in your reality when it is time to get a new one! ✨The most success I've had with crystals were with the one's that jumped out to me.

💎You also need to see if any Crystal shops near you call out to you. Etsy also has amazing crystals! My favorites are IrisUnique (she is INCREDIBLE, has the BEST crystals, and always gives you an extra little crystal along with your order!!!,) EarthLight (they have a TON, and they also have more than just crystals!!!,) and Exotic Crystals (I got the best, handpicked piece of Danburite from here... truly incredible.)

💎Okay, so once you have your crystal, it's time to Cleanse and Charge. There are a few ways you can do this, but the method I'm going to teach you is through the 🌛Moon🌜 and ☀️Sun ☀️

This step is the most important of all. CRYSTALS NEED ACTIVATION IN ORDER TO WORK, OR ELSE IT WILL FEEL LIFELESS AND EMPTY, WITH LACK OF COLOR AND PERSONAL FLARE. Crystals also retain the energy of those who have held it and its previous surroundings, so it must be cleansed and charged with your intention in order to be of highest service to you. Also, this gives you the security in knowing you are working together, because you gave it a purpose for serving you!

I went months without cleansing before, due to lack of knowledge of even needing to set an intention. I truthfully just thought you picked it up and it worked, and while that has a major truth element behind it, they are much more useful when directed by your desires. When you cleanse and charge it, it officially becomes yours.

💎This is most effective during the Full Moon, for the most optimum cleansing effects (out with the old, stagnant energy and in with the new, vibrant energy.) Remember, it doesn't have to be on the Full Moon! You will be guided and called to cleanse and charge your crystal when you are ready. I like to go out when the sun has set, and stare at the moon with the crystal on my heart. Then, I set an intention, for example:

"I charge you with the intention of strengthening my Spiritual Connection. I ask that you remind me of my powerful connection with Spirit, and provide me with clarity through all of my endeavors." ✨ 💎Then, you must say "thank you" three times (or more,) for the fastest way to manifesting your desires is through true gratitude and appreciation for all that is. When you are grateful for where you are (even if you literally cannot stand where you are at,) things will slowly start to shift around you to bring you to where you want to be. It really is the power of your mind, with the help of Source energy.

💎Leave it out until mid afternoon the next day. That way, the Sun can positively charge your crystal, setting the intention deep within, and activating it as well. CRYSTALS NEED ACTIVATION.

There you have it!! Getting the most out of your crystal is a wonderful process, that just takes a little bit of patience and intent to bring it to life. My crystals are legit my babies, and I always have one with me! If you aren't sure what crystals to go for, or which one would serve you the best in this moment, send me a message on Instagram and I will channel the perfect one just for you!! For more info, make sure to check out my video, where I go more in depth about the benefits and healing properties of Crystals! 💙


Clear Quartz: Master healer, stimulates all chakras, increase of positive emotions.

Smoky Quartz: Releases negativity, creates balance, and transformation.

Amethyst: Increases intuition and psychic abilities, heals physical and emotional ailments, and balances the crown chakra.

Citrine: Increases abundance, inspiration and enlightenment, MAJOR SUCCESS STONE!

Moonstone: Deepens your connection to the Moon and its lunar phases, balances hormones, supports a healthy period. Perfect for seeing past the veil of your reality, and activating your intuition and connection with Source.

Rose Quartz: Opens and heals the Heart Chakra, activates love and happiness within you, aids with compassion and forgiveness.

In Love and Light,