Enhance Your Spiritual Connection!

✨This card was pulled from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild ✨

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today is all about enhancing your connection to Spirit. For some of you, it may be second nature, as if it were a light switch. If you're not quite there yet, do not worry! That's what I'm here for 💙

💜What a powerful card for today! I am getting the sense that it is time to take the next step towards your ascension. Now is an incredible time for transformation, with Venus in Retrograde, a lot of unfinished business has come up, causing you to re-evaluate your previous decisions. I know for me, this retrograde has really put me and what I have healed within to the test when it comes to my inner wounding. There is a really interesting scientific study by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Is there a way to change my subconscious?, that goes in depth on why we react the way we do.

💜Truthfully, the only thing that has kept me sane during this very odd time of change and transition in my life is my connection to Source. When old things rise in me through trigger points or experiences, I call on them to redirect me back on my path. This has allowed me to actually, fully grow and ascend past the level I was stuck at for 6 years. I attract everything I could ever desire to me, and I am grateful for every single thing.

💜Anytime you are going through a growth cycle or a change, no matter how drastic, old patterns will be brought up again to be resolved. Again, please read that article. I learned so much about why I kept attracting the same type of experience, yet with a different person or situation every time. I have now learned how to release things, become self aware, and change my old behaviors if they no longer served me. When you enhance your connection, through your intuition, oracle cards, you name it, you allow yourself to feel supported by Spirit. You will always know your desires are right around the corner when you speak with them, and it makes the pain of what used to hurt slowly fade.

💜I am a completely different person today now than I was even 6 months ago. This journey has been difficult, but it has been so magical, beautiful, and rewarding. I look back on hard times in my life and now see all of the people who were there, loving and supporting me, where as before when I would remember that time, I thought I was alone and everyone hated me.

💜Your Spiritual Connection helps you see the truth of who you really are. It guides you as you right your wrongs, and supports you when you feel like your world is crashing down. It also shines a brighter light on your day when you're in an incredible mood, and allows you to see the beauty in all situations. They enhance the energy of any and all situations. I love and appreciate the Divine, because now I understand things from a totally new vantage point. I look like a new person, I feel like a new person, and I have nothing but complete and total love and compassion for all that is.

💜Call on Ascended Master St. Germain to gain total clarity and enlightenment on your path. He brings a new, vibrant energy to you.

💜Use Amethyst to strengthen your connection to Source.

👼🏼Spiritual Meaning of 333 👼🏼: Your Guides and Ascended Masters have heard your prayers, and are listening. They help you serve your Soul Purpose, and aid in encouragement.

Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck!



In Love and Light,


These are general readings, so if the message does not align with what you are experiencing, listen with an open mind; It could be beneficial in the future! If you want a more in-depth, personal way of healing that is more tailored to you, you can personally message me on Instagram and I can help. I am just Channeling and spreading a positive message for the World. Thank you for listening, reading, and inspiring me to continue my passion.