Unleashing Your Light

✨ This card was pulled from the Work Your Light Oracle Card Deck by Rebecca Campbell ✨

You cannot change yourself in order to meet someone else's expectations, and expect to feel fulfilled within yourself.

While it may seem easier to let someone else win, or to stay quiet in fear of rejection, it is not. You are here, living in this moment for a purpose. Your purpose is to understand yourself on the deepest level possible. You are supposed to stay in line with your path, and stay true to yourself. You have to love yourself.

Your heart sings when you live your life according to the music of your dreams. You have to be in alignment with where you want to go, and the places you want to see. You have to keep your mind focused on what you are meant to experience. What are you passionate about?

When you have a goal to work towards, that is attainable through your actions, you feel better. You are doing something for you, that will benefit your life, through self expression and love for yourself. The greatest gift you can give and receive is your own approval. When you have your own approval, you know your worth, and you know what you do and do not deserve. You become clear on what you desire in life.

When you reach that point of truly loving yourself, your light will always shine. You will always be the Divine Blessing in everyone's lives, including your own. You are meant to live your best life. You should know that you are supported in doing so, even if you don't fully know it yet. You are worthy of all that you dream of.

In Love and Light,

*Shout Out to my INCREDIBLE boyfriend for getting this Oracle Deck for me!!!*