There will be links at the end of this post regarding Momma Aya and her transformative **powers!!**

I am about to embark on what feels like the most incredible journey of my life. This Saturday, March 30th 2019, I am headed off to Costa Rica to partake in Ayahuasca ceremonies. Holy shit. (This post might be lengthy, but for good reason.)

This is the first post I have done on this adventure so far, other than an instagram story that was pretty much just a screenshot of the confirmation from Rythmia. For those who have no idea what Rythmia even is, it just seemed like I was going on a vacation. I also am posting this crazy journey to my YouTube channel to go further in depth about my experience! So without further ado, here goes the reason why I am even going in the first place.

For the past month or so, my mom and I have been perusing over where to travel for her birthday (she's a BRILLIANT Aries bb, all my Aries wya) We were going back and forth between Bali and Kona, but we both knew there was something completely unknown to us that would ultimately be where we ended up going. One night, we were browsing through YouTube and stumbled upon a beautiful soul, Cami (SupremeBanana), and her "Aya Diaries" videos.

A little bit more of a backstory, my mom has wanted to do Ayahuasca for years now. She has mentioned it many times in the past, and I have always known it was something she wanted to experience to release conditionings, patterns, and behaviors, as well as experience many other benefits that the wonderful plant medicine provides. When we found and watched all of Cami's videos, we knew that Rythmia was ultimately the place to go. So what did our crazy asses do with 2 weeks to spare? We decided to book... after extensive bouts of research. (we're still responsible I swear!)

For those who are unaware of what Ayahuasca is, it is a brew consisting of the stem of one plant (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaf of another, (Psychotria viridis, which contains DMT, naturally produced in the body) It is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, and has been used for it's profound healing, religious, and spiritual purposes for over 5,000 years. There are Shamans present, providing you with a safe, lovely experience to take the medicine. It is said to be a gateway into Spirituality, revealing aspects of yourself that have led you to where you are now, as well as providing you with the release of pain, trauma, and discomfort. It illuminates the purpose behind personal experiences as well as the lesson behind said experiences. Some have had contact with their spirit guides, Angels, AND Ascended Masters, which I AM HERE for that.

One thing I was slightly skeptical about at first was the purging aspect. Purging is seen as a beautiful thing, an opportunity to release fears, stress, anxiety, you name it. I don't know about you, but I HATE throwing up, especially in front of other people. I seriously morph into someone I don't even know, like I am overly dramatic and truly believe that I am dying. But for some reason, as I write this I am not that nervous. In fact, I've reached the point where I am accepting of whatever happens during the ceremony because I KNOW it is for my highest and best. The reason that I am even going is to release the chains to the old, and embrace my desired life. I felt like I hit a wall as of lately and I haven't been motivated to do anything, yet my mind is racing with ideas and creativity is flowing through me for the first time in a long time. Such a weird internal battle, but I am 100% ready to move along with it!

Before we decided on the dates we were going, I was visited by MYSELF FROM THE FUTURE during meditation. Now, that may sound completely whack to everyone who has . never meditated. My advice to you... meditate. I can 1000000000% without a doubt guarantee that you will receive profound guidance, clarity, and motivation, and come to an innate understanding of why it is you have gone through all that you have gone through. I am not going to get into the specifics as to why Spirituality and relying on yourself is the key to personal success and happiness in this post, but I will when I get back from my trip. It is extremely important to learn as much about yourself and how to connect with your guides in order for you to accept what you desire and DESERVE boo boo.

Before I meditate every morning, I set an intention for what I wish to receive during the 20-30 minutes of nothingness (but yet filled with sights you have never seen before.) During mediation, I asked my guides to provide me with insight on how to heal my heart. Just like every single person on the planet, I have experienced some extremely intense, traumatic things. It had lead me to become completely guarded out of pain and hurt, which ultimately ended up biting me in the butt because not only was I guarded to protect myself from experiencing those things again, but I also in turn manifested and attracted toxic relationships, friendships, events, and turmoil that was unnecessary and would have been avoided if I had healed and released the traumas when they happened. I even became toxic myself, to the point where I didn't even recognize myself. But hey, Divine Timing is on purpose and intentional. I have just made it my mission to shed beautiful light on those who are encountering discomforting darkness.

In the meditation, I saw me. The only difference was literally everything. Using my intuition, I knew that it was me from only a few weeks from now, when usually it is my higher self or me at 32. I dunno, weird, but it's real. She was so much more vibrant, radiant, and she was living out of her heart. She had so much love and passion for everything! I have love for everyone now, but definitely not to that extent. It was like I had finally reached the point of unconditional love for all things, and a deep, profound understanding of that which had once been unsolvable. She said to me with the most beautiful smile, "You have no idea what you are about to embark on. You are going to be free, and you are going to go on the 31st." Followed with reasons as to why it wasn't as bad as it seemed, and how I had nothing to be afraid of. Honestly, shout out to you future self, because my ass was SCURRED.

So, we are going the week of the 31st, which is PERFECT. Not only is it astrologically aligned with magnificent planetary shifts going on right now, but the ceremonies are from the 1st through the 4th, followed by the new moon on the 5th. My mom's birthday is on the 4th, which is the last night. Talk about starting a new year right! She was born at 12:34, and the dates are 1,2,3, and 4. Also, we both share rising signs (LEO BB) and the New Moon is in our 9th house, Aries, which at this point in our life is all about releasing the old to embrace the “I AM” – Spiritual Big-Picture, Higher Truths & Higher Mind. It also talks about traveling out of the country, as well as intense spiritual up-leveling through teachings of the Cosmic beings and Ancient wisdom. (credit: Shannon Murray with Lunar Ladies, a personalized week by week lunar cycle chart that reveals aspects of your chart in alignment with the current moon cycle.) -- not sponsored I just love Lunar Ladies.

This is an incredible time for new beginnings for EVERYONE, so if you have been wanting to do something that you've been avoiding, DO IT. THIS IS THE TIME. We are all undergoing INTENSE transformation and energetic shifts. If you have been experiencing headaches, fatigue, ringing in ears, etc., it is ON PURPOSE. We are all going through an ascension at the cellular level.

My mom, who is also documenting her experience on her YouTube, my auntie Roxzan, and Annaliza are all going on the retreat together, so it will be much more comforting and familiar than I think I am able to comprehend at this time. As does every other being that is attending any Ayahuasca ceremonies, we all have our individual intentions for why we are embarking on this journey. One thing I know for sure is, nothing will ever be the same.

I am going because I am ready to release whatever is hindering my subconscious from believing I am able to accomplish my goals. On a conscious level, I know I am more than capable and ready to be who I desire to be, in full expression. But, the subconscious is where all of the deep rooted fears lie, that never reveal themselves as the fear itself, always as experiences of glimpses of versions of that fear. It will always repeat itself until you clear it out, in different, more intense ways every time. Things that are not easy to move through HAVE A LESSON INTERTWINED IN THEM. ASK FOR THE ANSWER.

So yeah, that is why I am going to Costa Rica to do Ayahuasca. I am so excited and truly appreciative of this opportunity. Your desires and wishes will always be answered so long as you release the emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages and attachments to a certain desired outcome. It will always end up better than you think. As my mom says, "It's this or better."

I'll update you all day by day in the videos, and hopefully on here if I have wifi. If I don't have wifi while I'm there, I will make posts when I get back explaining everything I experienced!

So much Love and LIGHT!