Your Purpose in Numbers

Let's talk Numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers and how they relate to you and your life. I think of them as different aspects that are expressed through your personality and the deeper calling that you possess in life. Each of us as individuals are multifaceted and a lot makes up who we are, such as the way we express ourselves, what we deeply desire to do, the unconscious motivations we have, and how we want to live our lives. There are many ways to find each number, from the letters in our name to the numbers that make up our birthday.

I first discovered Numerology when I was 13 years old. My mom took me to Kari Samuels' Numerology class and I was instantly fascinated by the accuracy. Plus, I love learning about myself. I love Numerology because I feel as though I have much more clarity as to why I am so pulled to certain ways of living and why I desire freedom so much. My life path number is 41/5, which means I am eager to learn new things and explore new places, travel, to live life freely - and to the fullest. As with anything, there are light and "shadow" sides to each number. However, once you are aware of the shadow it is much easier to choose to live according to the light aspects and make necessary adjustments. I feel that each challenge or "obstacle" is merely an opportunity to become aware of our deeper fears, anyway. When things take longer or you have to work harder for them, take each frustration that comes up as a way to look within and see where the feelings actually stem from.

The most known numbers are our Life Path, Destiny/Expression Number, Birthdate Number, Personality Number, Name Number, Maturity Number, and Soul Urge Number. Each number represents a different aspect of self. There are more numbers, but we will get into that later! Today we will focus on our Life Path number.

Our Life Path number is the most important in your chart. It represents the path you are on and how you desire to live your life the most. I feel it is the number that runs deep in your bones, something that you will become simply because you are so pulled to it. It's like the video game you choose to keep playing until you win, no matter how many times you may fail certain levels. You will always beat that level and make it to the finish line at some point!

Our Life Path is calculated through our date of birth. In Numerology, every number always breaks down to a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and Master Number 11. I like to count Master Numbers 22 and 33 as well, though! For example, my birthday is 9/6/1997. If you add 9 and 6, that is 15. 1+5 is 6 so that groups down to a 6. Then, if you add 1+9+9+7, that is 26. 2+6 is 8. So then you take your first group of numbers (6) and add that to the last group (8). 6+8 is 14. 1+4 is 5. My life path is 5!

You can add it all across, too. 9+6+1+9+9+7 is 41. 4+1 is 5. You can group as many numbers as you like and it will always give you the same end-number.

The Meaning of Each Number

Life Path 1: This number starts off the entire number-sequence. The number 1 represents yang energy, or masculine energy. It represents creativity that channels through you with the intention of being brought to the physical. It's about creating new things and setting yourself up for success in the future. This means that this life is an entirely new beginning and an opportunity to choose what it is you want to do, the themes that you want to play out, and ultimately living independently. Think of "I Am" statements; The number 1 is a complete representation of this. Since you are stirring with new ideas and creative inspiration, it is important that you find a sound outlet to express your talents and gifts without taking on too much all at once or feeling overwhelmed. Find a way to manage the intense surges of energy with a balanced self-care regimen or cool down methods.Your strongest desire is independence and stepping into the leader role, and your motivation is a driving force to achieve this! It is important to know that you are meant to live the life you desire, that is why you desire it in the first place. You have to know that you are worthy of receiving such. As long as you remember that, hold the vision of what it is you want and continue to go after it no matter what, you will be set. Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 2: This number is all about partnerships, learning through duality, meeting of two minds. In truth, everything is a representation of duality. We are faced with options to choose from which can take us down different paths, and it always leads back to us and our choices. You are in charge of how you perceive things and respond to them, hence the reason that love and understanding are such critical tools to possess in difficult times. The number 2 represents yin energy, or feminine energy. Feminine energy is flowy, intuitive, and receptive. Life Path 2's seek harmony, coherence, and to bond with others. You are a great mediator, for you seek balance and stability while having the ability to see both sides of a story. You are a diplomat and peacemaker at your core, and look to find serenity in all things, especially relationships. You are most likely very musically inclined or have a deep connection with music and how the vibrations effect you at a Soul level. You feel most appreciated when you are giving to others and receiving love in return. Be sure to not take on the problems of others so much to the point that you lose sight of what you truly desire. **Life Path 11 breaks down to a 2 when you are not living in coherence with the vibration of 11.** Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 3: 3's are extremely creative, self-expressive, excellent communicators, and feel joy in big groups. You are the life of the party! You most likely love collaborating with others and bringing new ideas to light. The number 3 is a combination of 1 and 2, which brings manifestations through creative expression. You carry a special, radiant light everywhere you go that exudes delight and confidence, drawing others in with your magnetic presence. You are an extrovert to the core, bringing your independence and partnering that with the desire to connect with others to benefit the collective. You have a keen eye for beauty beyond the mundane. You are naturally very romantic and heart-centered, with a deep appreciation for life. You are very in-tune with your emotions and you are able to express them effortlessly, especially through writing, verbal communication, and even music. You are most likely called to share your unique gifts with the world. Work on overcoming self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and over-analyzing to the point where no goals are met so you can break free from those restraints and pursue what you truly desire - no matter how "out-of-this-world" it may be! Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 4: 4 represents solid foundations, work, dedication to your goals, and reaping the rewards of diligence. You make an excellent teacher, for you have gone through trial and error, still persevering until you reach your desired outcome despite the odds. You seek knowledge and turn it to wisdom, ultimately through patience and pursuit. You most likely are put in charge of most projects due to your pristine work ethic and true consideration for a "perfect" final product. The number 4 is the symbol of law, systems, and order. You are in tune with your home and having a stable home environment. One of your greatest teachers in life is your family and the way you grew up, either through learning from the mistakes of your caregivers or healing a sometimes volatile experience(s). Use this as a tool to bring you closer to yourself and as a guide to understand what you require at the core (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, or spiritually) to push through the shadow and create success for yourself. Release self-imposed limitations that can be expressed through fears, others telling you "no," procrastination, etc. to free yourself and allow yourself to reach new heights. Endurance and productivity are your strong suits! **Life Path 22 breaks down to a 4 when you are not living in coherence with the vibration of 22.** Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 5: 5's crave freedom, independence, fun, travel, and all things physical. You truly appreciate all of the finer things life has to offer; From the incredible food, to the gorgeous, unexplainable forces of nature, to the experiences that relationships with others bring. Fives represent the mastery of the four elements, the Alchemist. You are extremely adaptable, enjoying transformation and change of all sorts. You desire exploration due to the immense amount of information it brings through all of the senses. You are most likely fluent in many languages, or are apt to learn more than one language. You are naturally able to promote and sell just about anything solely because you passionately express your love for it - sometimes you don't even realize that you are drawing people in! You are an excellent communicator; When you talk, people listen. You are very magnetic - something about your desire for freedom so-much-so that you actually attain it draws others in. Your resistance to relationships is prevalent and you may find yourself desiring short-term partnerships rather than long-term. However, when you choose someone to be in a serious, committed relationship with, you are more than sure they are right for you. Make sure you keep things exciting and fresh! You will be met with many opportunities that bring new, exciting experiences - before jumping in head first, fully analyze how it will affect you long term. 5 is a potent, pivotal number, because it is the "mid-point" of the numbers (1-9). This means that important decisions are to be made for your highest and best, and you must make these choices wisely. Be sure to tend to your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs - try not to take things so seriously. 5's can be prone to addiction when they feel misaligned with their soul purpose. Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 6: 6's are dedicated to family, justice, truth, and integrity. You are a care-giver at heart, tending to the needs of others with your loving, healing presence. People are drawn to you through your magnetic, nurturing presence. Others know that you will be able to give them sound advice and also emotionally soothe them during intense times. The number 6 carries all of the past numbers vibrations as well, so you have innate wisdom and knowledge accumulated through social and life experiences all together. You carry a strong sense of maturity, and may have even had to take care of your siblings or put your own needs to the side growing up. 6 is very domestic and artistic. You most likely feel very compelled and drawn to a family setting or creating your own stable home environment for yourself. Family is a big learning opportunity for you this life - you are able to take the lessons learned from your own childhood and use it to be the best, most compassionate and nurturing parent. Even if you do not desire to have children of your own, pets, plants, and other peoples children will feel safe with you and you will take on the role of a caregiver. You are very gifted when it comes to expressing your artistic abilities, carrying the essence of beauty in its purest form with you at all times. You are best aligned with your path when you are of service to others, care for all sentient beings with genuine authenticity, and find sound balance in work and home life. Try not to avoid responsibility in order to maintain a healthy mental state and not feel the pressures of the world coming down on you. Be sure you keep an open line of communication and express your trials and concerns; Allow others to help you in the way you help them. For your own wellbeing it is advised to give others to the space to do what they are called to do and not what you expect out of them. **Life Path 33 breaks down to a 6 when you are not living in coherence with the vibration of 33** Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 7: 7's seek the truth over anything. Your mental plane is very much activated, in fact, it is a driving force for your discoveries and uncovering the hidden realms of life. You have always been extremely inquisitive, and even when you have a straight-up answer right in front of you, you question it and research further. You have most likely been very called to discover the purpose behind life and are urged to lift the veil that covers the truth. You have an evolved mindset that provides major breakthroughs for society and encourages others to question what is right in front of them. You encourage people to think for themselves and to create a solid conclusion based on their own data. As a result, you inadvertently teach others how to form their own solid ways of thinking. You are very mystical, able to bring your manifestations from previous lifetimes to fruition in this one. Wether conscious of it or not, you intuitively bring all of the areas of life you have previously mastered to this one and channel it through you to assist the collective as a whole. You single-handedly defy jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none. It would be no surprise if certain subjects came to you easily and gracefully, as if you didn't even have to study it to integrate it. This is no coincidence! The number 7 is considered a sacred number. The greatest scientists, mystics, and teachers have had the influence of 7 somewhere in their charts. You are a keen analyst and spiritual being at your core. You are a very old soul, radiating an extremely wise and powerful energy. You came here to bring a sense of security and truth to intuitive hits - to debunk that the supernatural is a myth. You have an intricate way of explaining and exposing the phenomenon that is intuition - you lift the veil to the reality that most are not able to see. You are not supposed to shut out your gifts in this life, you are supposed to find a way to express them for the rapid expansion of science-based teachings and mysteries. Be sure to have enough alone time and allow yourself time to mediate to receive answers that will assist you on your path. Be open to emotionally connecting with others and feeling the support from those who genuinely care for you. Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 8: 8's are powerful leaders and are able to take the reins in business, assuming dominance and respect from others. Others naturally look to you for guidance in matters of manifestations and business. The number 8 is the only number that is able to continue on its own without picking up your pencil; This represents infinity and infinite potential. You have the drive to achieve what you are called to do in life, opening your arms wide to receive recognition, rewards, expansion, and growth. You have the drive and desire to overcome all obstacles with grace and ease. You are naturally equipped with Entrepreneur, CEO, Business Leader level skills. You have the inherent ability to manifest and co-create your reality. What you speak into existence becomes true, whether positive or negative. You receive blessings at a rapid rate and it is important that you use this as a catalyst for good; Have an equal balance of giving and receiving. You should use your manifestation abilities to learn more about yourself and what you truly desire out of life. You most likely had a great bout of troubling childhood experiences meant to grow and shape you in order to push you to become a powerful force and leader. You must accept that you were meant to have a life of success and rewards, and stop at nothing to see that through. Be sure to have a balance of taking action and the necessary steps to receive what you desire. You are learning how to hone and harness new gifts in regards to the physical realm. You are gifted with the ability to be a star, typically having only yourself and a little voice in the back of your head telling you this in order to keep you on track and propel you forward. You easily achieve control. Be sure to use this for the good of the collective rather than for your own selfish gain, or it will bite you in the long run. You are supposed to use your abilities to create a better society, not to fuel destructive propaganda. Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 9: 9's are here to change the world, possessing large bouts of compassion and desire to take steps towards a better reality for all. The number 9 is the last number in the single digit sequence (1-9) therefore you have acquired all of the wisdom from the previous numbers and are now able to use that to the advantage of teaching and expansion. The number 9 marks endings and completion, so you may find yourself carrying all of the difficult lessons from past lives and experiencing them again to have the opportunity to respond differently, from a more evolved place. You live life with intention, exuding benevolence, grace, passion, service, and selflessness. You genuinely care for others and even tend to the needs of others before your own. You are more often than not willing to give someone the shirt off of your back if they are cold. You are able to receive many blessings because of your naturally generous nature, however, that is not the motivating factor for you. In fact, you may be so distracted by being of service that you tend to neglect receiving your own blessings, believing that someone else may "deserve it" more than you. You must allow yourself to receive the rewards for your hard work and selfless nature. Allow the Universe to give back to you in gratitude for your service. You are extremely charismatic, creative, abundant, and integral. You feel a great sense of joy and freedom when you are actively giving back, whether that be spiritually through the wisdom you have gained throughout lifetimes, becoming a humanitarian, or perhaps even materially through donating to charities or those in need. You inspire others through your genuine concern for humanity and restoring faith and hope in the collective. Be sure to have an equal balance of personal space and put up healthy boundaries when necessary. Remember, you hold all of the elements from the previous numbers, so you can harness those energies for your own gain this life. Of course, with the highest and best intent. Learn more about your Life Path number here!


* Master Numbers are crucial and hold high value and importance, for they carry the energies of either 2, 4, or 6, and amplify them for growth and higher learning. If you have a master number in your chart, you have consciously chosen to go through extremely intense experiences for the sole purpose of rapid expansion and quick learning. You are aware, whether consciously or subconsciously, that the hardest lessons yield the greatest rewards and bring the greatest blessings. You have a soul agreement to assist the collective on their journey through up-leveling, first starting with you and the way you approach and handle all difficult experiences in your own life. The greatest teachers are the ones who have been through it and overcome it, becoming greater than when they first began. *

Life Path 11: Your ultimate goal is reaching spiritual mastery. On a Soul Level, you are aware that spiritual practices lead to freedom, true joy, self-realization, and unconditional love among other things. You may be very gifted musically, guided through dancing or singing, using the energy of movement through music as a way to connect with your soul. You may feel a deep calling to be in the spotlight of some sort. Through the blending of double-1, you bring your own independent flair and the balance of community through 2. The energy of 11 is a very high-vibrational number, and this draws others to you. People can feel the depth you so naturally possess; You carry the vibration of 2's energy topped with even more intense experiences and perhaps more difficult challenges, however, once you overcome these, they ultimately lead you to greater rewards and higher levels of mastery. Use your intuitive abilities and high levels of compassion to be of service to humanity and uplift the collective. You are ultimately being led to accept and love others as much as you love yourself, and vice versa. Be sure to pass the wisdom you have accumulated to others, allowing them to have a connection to spirituality as well. Use any chaotic or nervous energies as a tool to learn how to harness and ground with the Earth, allowing yourself to detach from the noise and connect to your Soul. Keep yourself from falling from the 11 vibration to the 2 by integrating self-mastery and maintaining a healthy level of self-respect, self-esteem and understanding, as well as using any challenges as an opportunity to harness strength and courage to overcome them, ultimately for your highest and best. Use this number as a tool to dissolve ego and come into oneness. Learn to take responsibility for your life and the roles you play, and do not give your power away to others. Be honest and live with integrity - do not lie. Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 22: 22's are the amplification of the number 4. In short, you are the Master Builder. You have the drive and guidance from the Divine to build something of substance and meaning, ultimately assisting the collective. You have an apt to develop technologies or bring about integral information that will expand the consciousness of others. Just as 11/2, you take all of the energies, challenges, lessons, and rewards of 4 and expand on them. Like 4, you may have had a difficult home environment, leading you to desire freedom, stability, and comfort in your own life. You are a master teacher, knowing that all that you have gone through in the past has grown you to a more extraordinary version - one that would not exist had you not gone through what you did. It may be extra difficult for you to hone the gift of building and teaching at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will bust out projects and new ideas with grace, efficiency, and ease. The level of expansion and growth through teachings that you express out to the world will return to you 10 fold. Hold grand visions for yourself and integrate spiritual teachings to assist you in seeing them through. It may take time to get started, but all things built with determination, love, patience and diligence are the most stable and yield the greatest rewards. Find out what you are truly passionate about, find a solid support system who will assist you in seeing your passions come to fruition, and get to work! As you are in the mode of creation, always see the end result you desire and know that it will be even more than you could've ever visioned for yourself. Do not allow your own fears and insecurities to ruin an idea before it has even begun. The Universe uses you as catalyst to deliver what the collective is asking for. Through your gift of channelling higher wisdom, you hone the desires of the collective and put together a solid plan to bring that to the physical. Learn more about your Life Path number here!
Life Path 33: 33's are powerful healers here to bring monumental change. You are very gifted in energy healing, able to heal and calm others through your presence alone. People feel understood when they are around you. You hold the Divine in your energy and that alleviates others pain. It may have been difficult for you to navigate the intensity of life. Perhaps you have felt like the black sheep of the family or different than others that surrounded you. This was intentional in order for you to discover your true self and your divine abilities due to the nature of self-discovery through potential rejection or attempted control by others. Through these massive leaps in life, your mind works in wonderful, expansive ways. You intuitively know how to make your dreams a reality - especially when it comes to matters of the heart and following an indescribable pull towards a new, divine way of being. You bring optimism and hope to the lives of others. You must learn how to utilize and channel these expansive energies in a way that assists the collective and the highest and best of all. If you do not allow yourself to share or exercise your gifts you may feel depleted or like you've hit a wall, which over time can lead to unnecessary outbursts or forms of escapism. Use your gifts to first heal and acknowledge the parts of you that require it in order to gain understanding and mastery to then assist others. Service to others through unconditional love, understanding, compassion, and the intent to heal is the way to freedom. You have an innate gift(s) and wisdom that easily channels through you - use it! Be the catalyst for change! Learn more about your life path here!